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Mike Brown is an effective and knowledgeable litigator who believes people are entitled to earn a living wage. When the ability to earn that wage is taken away by your employer, there better be a good and lawful reason for it. Our employment law practice spans the entire field of employee relations, including civil rights and equal opportunity, wage and hour compliance, benefits, occupational safety and health,  whistle blower, wrongful termination, MSPB (Merit Systems Protection Board) and other federal and state administrative boards.

Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity: If you were terminated or forced to quit due to discrimination based on your gender, race, age or disability, you may have a claim against your former employer. Additionally, many companies are trying to phase out pension plans, which can seriously impact workers who are nearing retirement age. If an employer seems to reduce its pension obligations by terminating older employees, this may be grounds for an individual or class action.

Wage and hour claims: Most employees, including some salaried employees, are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week. There are certain academic and professional exceptions that make you exempt. Many of the problems resulting from improper payment come from the misclassification of who is exempt. Be informed about your classification.

Mr. Brown’s ERISA knowledge includes:

  • Individual actions for breaches of fiduciary duty & prohibited transactions
  • Challenges to plan denials of benefit claims; and
  • Challenges to an employer’s termination of retiree health care benefits

OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s mission, whether at the federal or state-plan level, is to ensure employers keep their employees healthy and safe. The regulations, while sometimes overwhelming because of their sheer number, are in place to meet this goal. Failure to comply with the regulations is considered a failure to provide a safe working environment. Unfortunately, it is very common for employers not to follow the rules and OSHA fines are generally too low to act as a real deterrent.

Whistleblowers: Every day, employees suffer retaliation because they blew the whistle on the misconduct of their employers. When it dawns on them that their careers may be in jeopardy, many consult with lawyers to determine their rights.

MSPB: The United State Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) hears the appeals of adverse actions against federal employees, including suspensions, demotions, furloughs and terminations. Mr. Brown has extensive experience in cases before the MSPB. If your federal career is jeopardized, make sure your rights are protected. If you are presented with a proposed removal, provide a strong response. If you are targeted with retaliation because you blew the whistle, don’t back down. Make sure that your rights as a military veteran are honored.

We also assist clients who may have claims arising under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act: The WARN ACT states that employees must receive 60 days advanced written notification of a plant closing or mass layoff. Your rights may be protected even if the company claims bankruptcy.

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