Medicare & Medicaid False Claims

Unfortunately, fraud against the government, both state and federal, is widespread. This is especially true in the areas of Medicare and Medicaid, where medical expenses are easily inflated and fabricated. The sheer size of these large health care organizations makes it easy for individuals and businesses to get away with filing false claims. Each year, the government loses billions of dollars due to fraud.

Because I believe that courage and good morals should be rewarded, I devote a significant portion of my practice to representing people who expose this type of corruption. If you have witnessed a coworker or your employer file a false Medicare or Medicaid claim, whistleblower laws provide you with protection against employer retaliation as well as a percentage of any recovered damages.

The Federal False Claims Act

It takes a special type of person to blow the whistle on big companies and powerful organizations. In most cases, these individuals have everything to lose, including their livelihood. Not everyone is brave enough to speak up when they see injustice. I am proud to represent the men and women who are determined to reveal Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

The False Claims Act is a federal law that allows whistleblowers to receive a portion of the funds recovered as a reward for revealing fraud. Because it was signed by President Abraham Lincoln in an effort to stop unscrupulous military suppliers from overcharging the US government during the Civil War, it is also known as Lincoln’s Law. You might also hear this type of case referred to as a “qui tam” claim, which is a Latin term that refers to bringing a claim on behalf of both the individual and the government. Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers can receive between 15 and 30 percent of the money recovered.

Why It Is Important to Pick the Right Attorney

Because whistleblower cases under the False Claims Act follow special procedures, it is important to choose a lawyer who knows how to handle these claims. In most cases, whistleblowers have a lot riding on the decision to expose a Medicare or Medicaid false claim. I have years of experience navigating the complex process involved in filing these types of cases.

The False Claims Act allows individuals to bring a lawsuit against private citizens and businesses that have filed false claims with government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. These lawsuits are filed under seal, which means they remain confidential while the Justice Department investigates the allegations. No one outside the government, not even the defendant, is aware of the complaint during this investigative stage.

If the government decides that the case has merit, it will join the lawsuit as a party. If the government does not deem the case worthwhile, it can also decline to participate. Although plaintiffs can choose to pursue False Claims Act cases on their own, the chances of winning are significantly higher if the government decides to participate. Because damages can be up to three times the amount of the fraudulent claim, a victory can mean substantial compensation for whistleblowers.

If you have witnessed fraudulent activity against the government, it is important to speak up about it. Your voice can put a stop to waste that drains our country of necessary resources. Call me today at (706) 731-9925 to discuss your case and learn more about this special area of law.

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