Medical Drugs & Device Product Liability Augusta, GA

Americans are bombarded with commercials that advertise prescription drugs, medical implants, and promising new procedures. Every day, millions of people put their health and their trust in the hands of the health care industry. Although government regulations require manufacturers to put only safe products out in the marketplace, that does not always happen.

As a consumer, you have the right to expect that the medicines you take and the devices you rely on to improve your quality of life will perform safely. When they do not, you also have the right to hold the negligent corporations accountable. I have spent my career taking on the giant corporations that make up the pharmaceutical industry.

Medical Malpractice Augusta, GA

Doctors and hospitals are people and places of refuge when you are hurt. The last thing you expect is to wind up with debilitating, long-term injuries. Physicians and health institutions must deliver a level of care that meets the community standard. When they fail to do so, they are responsible for their mistakes.

As a trial lawyer who has worked with injury victims my entire professional life, I understand how medical mistakes can destroy a person’s trust entirely. I am devoted to helping the victims of medical malpractice receive compensation for their injuries. In doing so, I strive to restore their sense of trust and belief that there are always people willing to help others with a sense of compassion and professional integrity.

Medicare & Medicaid False Claims Augusta, GA

Medicare and Medicaid fraud cost American taxpayers millions of dollars each year. I represent whistleblowers who seek to stop these abuses under the False Claims Act. These are complex cases that require tremendous skill and experience. If you have witnessed Medicare and Medicaid fraud, federal law entitles you to protection from employer retaliation as well as a percentage of any money recovered.

Brain Damage Cases Augusta, GA

Great lawyers get great results. If you have sustained brain damage or a traumatic brain injury, you deserve a great lawyer. Brain damage cases involve some of the very worst injuries in personal injury law. I am committed to representing the victims of these cases with compassion and respect.

I have decades of experience fighting insurance companies to obtain the best results possible for my clients and their families. Together with a legal team of experienced, dedicated professionals, I help brain damage victims obtain fair compensation so they can focus on reclaiming their former lives.

Tractor-Trailer Collisions Augusta, GA

If you have been involved in a tractor-trailer accident, you know how traumatic it is to collide with a vehicle of that size and magnitude. These are not like other motor vehicle accidents. In most cases, the victims of semi-truck accidents are never the same.

If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer, I will help you pursue justice against the individuals and corporations responsible, including carriers, owners, insurance companies, and negligent third parties.

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